What Does Being Catholic Today Involve?

In today’s modern world, it can be difficult to relate to the Catholic church and it’s many traditions. In the times of Junipero Serra, the world was a simpler place, and we were more connected with the natural world and the power of God.

Today, we live in a very different community where we are distracted by the secular. It is therefore becoming more difficult to see God in the everyday. Yet, as part of today’s Catholic Church, it is as important as ever to share your faith with the community and to bring the principles of the Catholic faith into everything you do. So, how can we reconcile our modern lives with the traditional teachings of the Bible?

Viewing Our Interactions

In the times of Junipero Serra, all interactions were in person. It was easier to convey the love of God and the principles of the Catholic faith to the rest of the community. Today, we have email, the internet and cell phones. Yet that doesn’t mean that we cannot impart the Word of God. In fact, it can be easier to do so through our everyday interactions with those around us. We interact just as regularly with co-workers, family and friends as we did in days gone by. However, we now tend to do this through remote methods. That doesn’t mean we cannot show caring, understanding and God’s love. By showing our love and care for others through our daily interactions, however they are carried out, we can impart the message of the true Church,

The Countercultural Life

Catholics have been called upon to live a countercultural lifestyle. By this, we must serve each other in the way that Jesus served his community. The social teaching of the Catholic church tells us we must care for human dignity, the poor and the natural environment. Never have those teachings been so relevant than today.

We are living in a time when some members of society have enormous wealth while others are in abject poverty. Our environment is facing dangers which it has never experienced before due to human activity. We can therefore use the church’s teachings and apply them to the world we live in today. The power of the internet has allowed us to show our love and caring in a whole new way. We can donate to charities at the touch of a button. We can communicate with others in seconds through instant messaging and email to spread positivity and support. We can raise awareness through the power of the web.

Embracing The Modern World In Today’s Catholic Church

The key to understanding Catholicism in the modern world is to change the way we view it. We need to move on from the old-fashioned viewpoint and instead see the potential in technology to help us spread the World of God.

We can even look at God with a more contemporary perspective. It can help us to view Him as a power bank, supplying us with the extra power we need to get through the challenges of modern life much as a portable charging unit keeps our cell phones running when we temporarily run out of battery.

At the end of the day, the principles of Catholicism have not changed since the days of Junipero Serra. We still believe we have a connection with the saints and angels. We still model our lives on the holy example set by them. We still pray for a stronger relationship with God and, most importantly, we are still united with other believers around the world – and never more so than in this ever-shrinking modern world. We simply need to learn how to reconcile the changes that contemporary life throw at us with our traditional understanding of the Catholic teachings so that we can make more sense of today’s changing world.