In Dedication to Junipero Serra

It’s rare that famous historical figures can escape the judgment of history completely unscathed, and that’s true of Saint Junipero Serra as well. We created this site because we believe his venerable works outweigh the controversies, and should be recognized. Serra was a Franciscan monk completely dedicated to the teachings of his order, and he truly believed he was making the world a better place by spreading these teachings. Like most saints, he is not universally accepted, and there are those that don’t believe that he should have been made a saint, but we believe he has to be judged by the standards of the times he lived in.

Serra was not perfect, but he established many of the first Catholic missions in California. Without his tireless efforts, things would likely have been a lot worse for the native population under the thumb of the Spanish empire. Serra’s human frailties only made his efforts that much more admirable. This is a common theme for the lives of most monks, and that’s why we also decided to expand this site to recognize the gifts presented to the world by monastic orders in general. Monks like Serra have made many valuable contributions over the centuries.